what we do

next design studio is a full-service interior architecture and design firm. We view each project as a unique puzzle that consists of customer’s dreams and desires, distinctive built environment with its particular configuration, a number of questions that need to be answered and issues that need to be addressed. The solution to the puzzle results in one of a kind space that blends client’s and designer’s visions, responds to functional needs and provides aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our approach to each project is to create a custom design solution that is based on customer’s requirements, desires and dreams that will improve their living and working environment by utilizing the latest technology, industry standards, environmental principles and taste.

We don’t follow a particular style or current trend – instead we create a unique, efficient and harmonious space that embellishes the client’s working and living environment. If the client doesn’t have particular style preference we tend to design towards timeless modern look that incorporates the client’s needs, “green” design principles, codes, regulations and local flavor.


Team structure was modeled from the best practices of today’s leading design firms. Instead of maintaining a huge presence in US and passing on this cost to the clients, we bring together experts from all over the world based on the needs of the project. Our core team is based in Santa Monica, CA and has a presence on the East coast via partnership with a design-build company in Miami, FL. Our extended team consists of firms and talented individuals both, in US and in faraway places like Ukraine and Philippines. With advances in today’s technology it turns our work into a 24-hour operation if the project requires, where our partners abroad work on the project while we are asleep and we pick up when they are done and carry-on. This is also reflected in the fees of next design studio, giving it a competitive advantage in today’s fast paced design environment and adding value to the client.
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Multi-disciplinary design background of the principal allows for a unique design approach, combining the best concepts, innovations and trends from different design disciplines in each project. Being on the constant lookout for the new and innovative ideas in the field, we incorporate those in the proposed design solutions. Sustainable design is always an integral part of our projects where we incorporate it to the extent of client’s wishes and project requirements.


Commercial and residential projects:

  • planning
  • design concept and documentation
  • design development
  • sourcing for materials and products
  • construction documentation including specifications
  • sustainable design
  • project management as required
  • general project support and coordination
  • value engineering as required
  • procurement services
  • site visits to projects under construction
  • kitchen and bathroom design


Follows the industry standards of the design process, modifying steps to better accommodate each project. We work closely with the clients and consultants to come up with the best design solution that culminates with a unique design within allotted budget and time frame. One step that varies from the more traditionally structured firms is not having a big staff in our main office. If the project requires, we do bring in more local talent and production personnel. Typically most of the basic services are outsourced to our partners abroad to stay more competitive in current fast-paced economy. We prefer to be a part of the project from early on, so we can fine-tune the design and collaborate with other disciplines for the optimal design.

why next

  • forefront design that is tailored to the specific project
  • as a smaller, boutique firm, next design studio doesn’t have a specific “look” that we follow and impose on our clients, which makes us more flexible in our design approach
  • we design for our client’s future as well as their present, ensuring a good return on their investment
  • while we uphold the quality and the design standards of the more established firms (from the principle’s background working for several of the top tier companies), we are more competitive on the fees due to our company’s structure